Next Community Training Plan launches 1st October!


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Welcome To Catalyst Climbing

At Catalyst, we're all about having fun. We know that climbing should be an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, and that getting stronger can go hand-in-hand with having a good time. That's why our Online Memberships, our free Live Sessions, our Training Plans, and our Private Coaching, are geared to maximise training efficiency, while maximising enjoyment.


All so you can #GetStrongHaveFun, and #FallOffLess!

We at Catalyst Climbing are committed to doing everything possible to reduce the potential risk of Covid-19 whilst providing our in-person coaching sessions. In addition to closely following the procedures put in place by the climbing walls, we will also be introducing several new policies to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
At Catalyst, we're passionate about all element of climbing, and the most important of all is safety. This means we're having to limit the number of classes we offer upon gyms reopening.