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Who We Are

Louis Parkinson started climbing at age 13. As a shy and not-very-sporty child, climbing became an all-consuming passion and source of confidence, strength and fulfilment. Louis was so passionate about climbing and loved practicing so much that several years later, he was selected to join the GB Climbing Team at the age of 20, representing the nation at the 2015 Climbing World Championships. Over his near 2 decades of climbing Louis has earned a long list of competition victories, climbed in beautiful places around the world, and built a powerful online presence and reputation for being one of the most enthusiastic and personable climbers around.

Being very aware of how much discovering climbing had benefited his life, Louis began sharing his passion by becoming a freelance coach in his early 20s. After several years of honing his craft, Louis founded Catalyst Climbing LTD in 2017, with a few simple aims:

  • To provide affordable, enjoyable climbing coaching and training to make climbing coaching more accessible for beginners and not just for elite climbers.
  • To create more work for aspiring climbing coaches.
  • To share the joy of climbing with the world!

6 years later, Catalyst Climbing has a large team of highly-trained coaches, a rapidly growing Youtube Channel, a thriving community of students (both online and in person) and has worked with THOUSANDS of climbers, from total novices taking their first steps into the world of climbing to supporting our Junior and Senior Athletes as they win National titles.

Catalyst Climbing has an exclusive partnership with London Climbing Centres (LCC). To find your closest Catalyst-partnered gym, click here!