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Terms & Conditions

In-Person Coaching Products

  • Catalyst in-person coaching products, including packages of multiple sessions and group classes, expire 365 days from the date of purchase.
  • Our in-person coaching & group classes do not include entry fees to the climbing walls (as stated on the product page). We cannot be held liable for any extra fee incurred.
  • Catalyst in-person coaching products, including in-person coaching sessions and group classes, are exchange-only products. We are unable to refund them once purchased. We're happy to offer their value as credit to another Catalyst coaching product (excluding apparel, or other physical products).


In-Person Workshops & Events

  • Catalyst's in-person events & workshops - chiefly the Rockfest tour - are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, unless in the case of cancellation.


Online Coaching Products

  • Catalyst's online remote-coaching products, chiefly Personalised Training Plans, are offered on an exchange-only basis.
  • Wherein a customer wishes to stop a Personalised Training Plan before the period purchased has elapsed, they are entitled to receive it's remaining unused value in credit toward another Catalyst Online Coaching Product.


Online Subscription Products

  • Catalyst's online subscription products Catalyst Online is managed via a separate platform. Cancellation can be requested by logging into the customer account at On requesting cancellation, access will end at the final day of the billing period.
  • Refunds are not available in the case where customers have forgotten to cancel, or change of mind.


Catalyst Prize Draws & Competitions

Wherein Catalyst will offer a prize by raffle, or by participatory input, it shall be governed by the following rules. This includes all platforms, whether Direct Marketing, Instagram (or other social media) or in-person.

  • Entry Requirements
    • Where the entrant is below 18, consent of a parent or guardian will need to be made for entry.
    • Catalyst prize draws and competitions are not open to Catalyst staff, immediate relatives, or friend and associates of Catalyst. Due to the community nature of Catalyst, where there is any degree of personal relationship with a winner, the prize decision will be vetted by an impartial third party, and all relevant information (relationship, as well as 3rd party input) will be made public at the time of the announcement.
  • Date of Entry & Draw
    • Catalyst retain the right to change the dates of entry, and the date of the prize draw, at their sole discretion.
  • Selection
    • Wherein winners are chosen at random, all entrants will be assigned a numerical code, and a winner will be selected by random number generator.
    • Wherein the winner is selected on merit, selection will be made at the complete discretion of the Catalyst staff.
    • Wherein the winner is decided by public vote, Catalyst retain the right to address concerns of improper voting by discretionary allocation of the prize.
  • Right of Withdrawal
    • Catalyst reserve the right to withdraw the prize, or cancel the draw, at any time, and for any reason.
  • Prize Value
    • The winner does not enter into a legally binding contract with Catalyst Climbing LTD, and the goods shall be considered to have no monetary value, and as such are ineligible for exchange or return.
  • Limitation of Liability
    • By entering the Giveaway each entrant agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless Catalyst Climbing LTD, its legal representatives, respective officers, directors, employees and agents from any damages whatsoever suffered or sustained in connection with the Giveaway or the acceptance of the prize.
  • Personal Data
    • Each winner agrees that, by participating in a Giveaway, Catalyst may use the winner’s name in any manner and in any medium for its promotional purposes without additional approval or compensation being required, including posting in a winner’s list, Instagram post and/or Instagram stories.