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Our Coaches

Louis Parkinson

Former Team GB athlete, Louis has been climbing for over 17 years, and coaching for more than 10.

As Head Coach of Catalyst Climbing, he's responsible for the Catalyst Coaching System - a training paradigm that's guaranteed to help you #GetStrongHaveFun and #FallOffLess.

Neil Gresham

The UK's most experienced climbing coach bar none, Neil has been at the cutting edge of climbing coaching for over 2 decades.

Not just an expert coach, but a top-level climber, coaching with Neil is a chance to learn from one of the absolute best.

Aidan Roberts

One of the strongest boulderers in the world, Aidan is known for dispatching V15s with ease, and climbing the UK's first V16.

A humble and EXTREMELY talented individual, Aidan is particularly skilled at passing on his tactical & observant climbing style.

Emma Wood

Emma found climbing as a way to work through her own therapy but also found it fascinating in her bid to understand and support the human condition.

Paving the way with cognitive hypnotherapy and sports psychology, Emma is our mindset coach; committed to grow, mend and rebuild.

Imi Bagnall-Smith

Professional routesetter, and high level competitor, Imi coaches our junior team, as well as offering private sessions.

An expert in competition skills and tactics, Imi passes on this hard-earned knowledge alongside her extensive skills in movement & mindset.

Ransford Agyare-Kwabe

One of our newest coaches, Ransford has already spent the last 15 years coaching secondary school students!

A hugely uplifting personality, he's passionate about creating inclusive spaces - particularly for people of colour - and promoting the excitement, and health benefits that climbing can bring.

Lea Volpe

Gold medal winning paraclimber Lea is one of the hardest working athletes around, and a coach of the Catalyst Junior team.

She brings her focussed and disciplined approach to training into her coaching sessions. Expect to train hard!

Dan Smallwood

Ex-UCL Climbing Team Vice-Captain, and enthusiastic competitor, Dan is passionate about conditioning and flexibility training.

With a particular interest in movement skills, if you're looking to train hard as well as climb smarter, then Dan's sessions are ideal.

Ingrid Schröder

Cambridge University lecturer Ingrid has been teaching for 20 years, and climbing for even longer. She's also Blokfest masters champion multiple years in a row!

Ingrid's passion is for getting older generations climbing, to improve health & self-confidence.

Ali Fraser

Fuelled by his passion for Climbing, Ali's commitment to the sport has earned him a wealth of knowledge and experience in a relatively short time.

Also a skilled drumming teacher, his structured and focussed sessions are ideal for new and experienced climbers alike.

Nat Haggett

Multi-talented Nat is one of our most all-round coaches. With years of experience outdoor guiding, indoor routesetting, as well as multiple years of coaching, he's able to bring a wealth of knowledge to his sessions. He's also really great fun!

Liang-Yu Chen

Incredibly bubbly and enthusiastic, Liang is able to bring out the best in even the most shy of climbers.

At 5'2" and with the flexibility of a contortionist, Liang is also an expert in coaching people who struggle with reach - her sessions can be really eye opening!

Cris Fontano

When hardcore climbing Cris isn't coaching, he's busy training hard to push his grade on rock, or filming and editing videos for his youtube channel.

A warm and inviting coaching style, he's as happy taking sessions in Spanish or English!

Chris Luk

A passionate climber for many years, Chris is one of the newest members of our coaching team.

He can usually be found cranking his way up hard climbs at Yonder climbing wall, and teaches private coaching sessions and group classes all over North London!

Solomon Stott

A well known face on the South London climbing scene, if you've been to Vauxwall any time in the last few years, you've probably climbed with Sol!

His work as a paramedic makes him particularly conscious of safe training and avoiding injury.

Lucas Perry-Hill

If you’re wanting to pick up some tips on transitioning from indoor to outdoor climbing, Lucas is the choice for you. Having taught climbing in climbing gyms and on rock for years, Lucas recently joined the Catalyst Coaching team to share his knowledge with our students!To Be Completed

Jules Astier

Jules has been a passionate climber, competitor and coach for several years now - book a session with him if you’re wanting to work on building strength and power or improving your competition skills.

Jules is confident delivering his sessions in either French or English, and coaches our Sunday classes at Harrowall.

Shiggi Pakter

Shiggi's bouldering journey started as a fun experiment in working through PTSD from a past skiing accident.

She openly loves being a "consistently casual climber" and her coaching style is perfect for the nervous novice climber.With a background in martial arts, personal fitness training and movement, you're in safe hands!

Svaraaj Harbhajanka

Svaraaj is one of the most focused and determined coaches you will come across, with big goals for his own climbing as well as for his students’!

With as much interest in preparing for climbing through physical training as well as mental training, Svaraaj has a lot of deep knowledge to share, and teaches our Thursday morning classes at Ravenswall!