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Catalyst Remote Consultations

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Interested in a personalised training plan but unable to meet with a Catalyst coach in person? We've got you covered with our remote consultations!


Are there any pre-requisites for a remote consultation? 

Anyone interested in getting some feedback on their climbing can purchase a remote consultation with one of our coaches! We do ask you to film a series of climbing videos before the session, which your coach can then review to analyse your movement. Details of the videos required and a link to your personal Google folder will be sent to you via our email once your consultation is purchased.


What does a remote consultation involve?

Our remote consultations are hour-long calls that take place over Zoom, in which you're able to chat with a Catalyst coach to establish what your personal climbing goals are and where your areas for improvement lie within your training. During the call, your coach will provide feedback on your pre-recorded videos and will complete a 'Skills Analysis Questionnaire' with you, that assesses your perception of your climbing skills. You'll have a chance to bring up any areas of concern, such as injuries, and any other factors you'd like to be taken into account in your plan.  


What happens after my consultation?

If you have purchased a personalised training plan alongside your consultation, your coach will then go away and create your plan, tailoring it to all the topics discussed over Zoom. For more information on our personalised training plans, please click here.

Remote Training Consultation

Purchase a remote training consultation here!

  • Upon purchase, our Admin Team will be in touch via to book in your consultation slot at a time and date convenient for you
  • Remote consultations are carried out over Zoom - please ensure you have this app downloaded in advance of your session
  • All climbing videos to be reviewed by your coach must be uploaded at least one hour before your consultation is due to commence
  • Please ensure you have a stable internet connection in advance of your consultation start time
  • To view our T&Cs, please click here