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Dynamic Movement: 12 Intensive Practice Sessions (PDF Download)

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Many climbers struggle with effectively using momentum whilst climbing. It can be a HUGE energy-saver, but requires a significant amount of practice to build the timing and confidence required to use momentum well. Without having built this confidence and timing, a climber attempting a dynamic move on the climbing wall often finds that it feels so far above their level of ability that they choose to avoid practicing it completely, and to simply avoid any climbs which require this skill.


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Tell me more!

This plan has been designed by Louis Parkinson (former member of the GB climbing team and known worldwide for his expertise in teaching Dynamic Movement for Climbing) with the aim being to provide an accessible, affordable and effective month of focused practice, helping the students who engage with it to build confidence and understanding of the timing involved in dynamic movement through a series of detailed, on-the-bouldering-wall session plans.

This is a downloadable training plan, containing:

- PDF of 12 session plans, involving various drills, exercises and challenges to be performed on the climbing wall.

- The associated Reference Document, including an introduction and overview of this plan, detailed written explanations and video demonstrations of all exercises.


Who is this plan for?

This plan is designed to be used by a wide variety of ages and ability levels! The only limitations are as follows:

- The sessions are to be performed at an indoor bouldering wall.

- There is some basic climbing knowledge required, so we recommend a minimum of 3 months climbing experience before engaging with this plan.

We expect that this plan will be most useful for climbers operating in the V1 - V5 area, as it is more common for climbers of this experience level to have less confidence with dynamic movement. However, the drills and exercises contained in this plan have been incredibly useful for V10+ climbers if they were lacking in confidence and skill with momentum; climbers of all ability levels are likely to see a jump in performance by improving their fluidity whilst climbing!


What to expect? 

- In week 1:

In the first week of sessions, we’ll be getting to grips with the basics of timing our use of momentum and building confidence. We’ll be doing a few basic movement drills on easy climbs, before spending the rest of our sessions working on projects, with more and more time spent on projects requiring dynamic movement toward the end of the first week.

 - In week 2:

In the second week of sessions, we’ll be working on coordination and starting including some more complex movement drills, which will give lots of opportunities to practice more coordinated movement on the climbing wall. We’ll pick back up with a drill from week 1, but this time with some additional challenges to focus on, and we’ll spend yet more time working on challenging climbs involving dynamic movements.

- In week 3:

In our third week, we’ll start introducing some powerful dynamic movement. This will involve warming up with some more movement drills, before working on our “contact strength” (our ability to engage our grip strength quickly) and our precise use of momentum when jumping for target holds…

- In week 4:

In our final week, we’ll be tying the previous three weeks of practice together! We’ll challenge ourselves to be consistent whilst under pressure in a fun challenge, have a final run through of the most important drills from this plan, and spend a last bit of time working on dynamic projects!

 - Overall:

When learning something new, it is common to feel as though you are doing it all wrong - especially if you’re learning something which you know to be outside of your comfort zone.

Don’t worry if you’re finding the drills and exercises difficult and awkward at first, or if you’re struggling to complete the goals of the various challenges, because the aim is just that; to be challenged!

The session plans you will go through are designed to challenge you, and through being challenged you will learn LOADS; all you need to do is enthusiastically go through each session, focusing on learning rather than focusing on outright success.

What to do if you have any issues:

If you are uncertain about any aspects of this plan which aren’t answered by the Reference Document, if you are struggling to access any video demos relevant to the training, or if you’re unable to perform one of the drills/ exercises and are uncertain why, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at