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Catalyst Personalised Training Plans

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If you've already booked a consultation with a Catalyst coach, either via a private coaching session or a remote consultation, then see below to purchase your training plan!


Are there any pre-requisites for a plan?

Plans are available for all ages and abilities - whatever your goals are, we'll help you crush them! The only pre-requisite to receiving a plan, is to ensure you've had a consultation with a Catalyst coach first. This can either take place as a remote consulation over Zoom or during a private coaching session. This consultation is a must, as it allows our coaches to chat with you about what you'd like from your plan and to assess your climbing style either through pre-recorded videos or an in-person session. Please note, a consultation must take place before each new plan, to ensure your next batch of training is updated accordingly to account for your progress!


What's included in my plan?

Each personalised plan covers four weeks of training, with at least one on-the-wall session and one stretching session included per week. Depending on your goals, you can opt to increase the number of on-the-wall and stretching session, which also including guidance on fingerboarding and conditioning. On-the-wall sessions will include guidance on drills and exercises that have been selected to address your personal goals and areas for improvement, as discussed with your coach during your consultation. Alongside your session plans, you'll be provided with a detailed reference document, containing clear written instructions and explanations for all exercises involved with your plan, each of which is linked to a beautiful video demo!

Catalyst Personalised Training Plans

Purchase your bespoke month-long training plan here!

  • Please ensure you also purchase a remote consultation or private coaching session alongside your personalised training plan
  • We aim to provide a link to your plan approximately 3 working days after your consultation, but occasionally there may be delays so please bare with us!
  • All training material is accessible via a Google folder which will be shared via our email  
  • Any questions about your training plan can be added as comments to your Google document, or emailed to
  • To view our T&Cs, please click here