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Private Coaching Sessions

Private Coaching Sessions are the most effective way to accelerate your progress as a climber. Our coaching team has a wealth of experience, from teaching the basics to beginner climbers, to training GB team members as they win national titles, and are available for bookings at any LCC Climbing Wall.

  • All “Catalyst Coach” sessions are 60 minutes long - if you’re new to climbing and keen to learn the basics, we’d recommend this as our most affordable option!

  • All named coach bookings are 90 mins long - if you want to work on a specific aspect of your climbing, choosing a coach who specialises in that area may be necessary… We have provided some insight into their specialties, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email if you’d like us to make recommendations.

  • The price of named coach sessions varies depending on the experience level of the coach selected.
  • Please be aware that entry fee to the climbing wall is not included in the cost of Private Coaching Sessions, and must be paid at the front desk of the climbing wall upon arrival.

  • There is no additional charge to bringing other climbers to your private coaching session! A maximum of 5 additional climbers to your session - please be aware that they will also need to pay for their entry to the climbing wall on arrival.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are private coaching sessions?

The standard duration of a Private Coaching session is 60 minutes for an unspecified coach, or 90 minutes for a specific coach.

How much are private coaching sessions?

Sessions start at £67.50 for a 60 minute session, and vary depending on choice of coach, number of sessions, and whether or not you wish to include a personalised training plan to be delivered as part of your session.

Are coaching sessions available for groups?

Absolutely! What's more, there's no extra charge for the addition of 5 extra people on your session.

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions take place at a LCC climbing centre of your choosing. All LCC centres are located in central London and a list of sites can be found here.

Are shoes and chalk included? 

Shoes and chalk are not included, but are available for rental at every climbing wall we operate out of.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, but we do recommend a minimum age of 4.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be registered with us by their parent or legal guardian. Furthermore, under 12 years old a parent is required to be on site at all times during the session.

Are there any discounts?

Members of a Catalyst team can receive 50% off the price of one private coaching session per month!

Can I choose my preferred coach?

Absolutely. You're able to pick your preferred coach when booking your classes. If your coach isn't listed, they're not currently offering Private Coaching sessions.