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Remote Personalised Training Plans

We offer three types of Virtual Personalised Training Plan:

  • Louis Parkinson has developed his own tailored coaching method, encouraging mindful practice, skills to improve movement and concentration, and specific training exercises to gain functional strength for climbing.
  • Neil Gresham is the most experienced climbing coach in the UK, bar none. A master of off-the-wall training, he's ideally placed to help you reach your goals.
  • Catalyst Coachplans are designed by a qualified Catalyst coach, and are based on the Catalyst Coaching method devised by head coach Louis Parkinson.

Every personalised training plan begins with an assessment, and then includes monthly contact hours with your coach to report on progress, and adjust your requirements.

All personalised training plans are performed remotely via Zoom. If you would like to book an in-person assessment, please visit our Private Coaching page to book a session.

From Point A to Font 8B

When it comes to efficient progress, nothing beats one-on-one coaching, and that's precisely where the Catalyst Personalised Climbing Training Plans come in!

With the ongoing support of your own designated Catalyst Coach, and bespoke monthly plans based on your own specific goals and needs, we'll ensure your training stays efficient, effective, and fun!

Plan Details

Progress with a coach who can learn your strengths, weaknesses, and quickest route to success.
Receive a monthly training plan that's tailored to your  specific needs. Whether it's an outdoor project, and indoor problem, or even general flexibility and conditioning.
Receive monthly contact hours with your coach, to tailor your plans, and stay on top of your goals.


Head Coach Louis Parkinson

“Accelerate your progress by learning to climb mindfully through structured sessions and exercises. Improve strength, technique and mindset, and have tonnes of fun along the way!”"

-Louis Parkinson @CaptainCutLoose