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“Accelerate your progress by learning to climb mindfully through

structured sessions and exercises. Improve strength, technique and mindset,

and have tonnes of fun along the way!”"

-Louis Parkinson @CaptainCutLoose

Remote Personalised Training Plans

What are they?

Our Personalised Training Plans are focused primarily on On-The-Wall practice, including a wide variety of movement and technique drills, projecting sessions, functional strength training exercises, and more.


Who are they for?

These plans are excellent for beginner climbers wanting to build solid foundations in strength, movement and mindset - but they are used by high level competitive athletes competing at national and international levels!


How do they work?

Regular Analysis:

The first step in creating a personalised plan is analysis of your climbing! Before beginning each month of your training, you’ll be asked to upload a selection of videos of your climbing to a shared folder, so that your coach can analyse your movement. In addition to completing a detailed questionnaire about your perception of your climbing skills. The results of your video analysis and your questionnaire will then be discussed in detail with your coach during your monthly consultations, before the content of your next month of training is decided.


Included in plans:

Once designed by your coach, you’ll be contact via email with a link to your shared folder. In this folder, you’ll find:

  • Your personalised training plan: a month of highly-detailed session plans containing drills and exercises specific to your areas of improvement (also accompanied by fingerboarding, conditioning and stretching if deemed appropriate by your coach!)
  • A detailed reference document, containing clear written instructions and explanations for all exercises involved in your plan, each of which is linked to a beautiful video demo!


Contact time with your coach

Each month will begin with a 30 minute consultation with your coach via zoom. In addition to this, you’ll be able to contact your coach throughout the month via email and by leaving comments and questions on your training plan for the coach to give extra feedback and explanation of how and why to perform the various drills and exercises.


Personalised Training Plans can be booked with our Head Coach Louis Parkinson, or with a member of the highly-trained Catalyst Coaching Team!

Personalised Training Plans by default are delivered remotely. If you would like to include Personalised Training Plans as part of your private coaching sessions with Catalyst, please visit the Private Coaching Sessions page.