Next Community Training Plan launches 1st October!


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Personalised Training Plans designed by Neil Gresham

Catalyst Strength training programs by Neil Gresham are...
  • Geared to your precise requirements. Programs can be for general improvement or targeted towards different climbing styles: bouldering, sport, trad or competitions. They can also be geared towards weaknesses, trips or projects.
  • Structured but flexible The Catalyst approach is to provide options so that you don’t feel trapped by the program. For example, home fingerboard routines will be provided for days when you can’t get to the climbing wall, as well as advice on shortening sessions, accommodating disruptions or fitting in crag climbing and competitions.
  • User-friendly and easy to follow. Detailed exercise descriptions are included and tech-jargon is minimized.  
  • Fully comprehensive. EVERY aspect of training is covered! Plans feature an overview of the main training phases, weekly plans / day sequences and detailed session plans for every session, including warm-ups and cool-downs. 
  • The product of 25 years of experience at the coal face of hard climbing – Neil Gresham was one of the original pioneers of performance coaching for climbing and the first British coach to offer an online personalized training program service back in 1993. Since then he has written hundreds of programs for climbers of all ages, stages and abilities, from virtual beginners to some of the best in the world. Neil has also climbed 8c+ and E10 trad, himself, and is one of the UK’s leading all-round climbers.

On purchasing, all relevant information will be e-mailed to you directly, so you can get started!