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Catalyst Rockfest - Half Day Coaching Experience

Learn to float like Captain Cutloose, master your mind with Hazel Findlay, and crush projects at your limit like Aidan Roberts.

Experience not one but THREE in-depth 75 minute workshops with elite climbers, spread out over a whole morning:

  • Dynamic Movement Workshop with Louis Parkinson.
  • Mastering your Mind with Hazel Findlay
  • Projecting Masterclass with Aidan Roberts

Group sizes are limited to ten per group, ensuring optimal contact time with the athletes, and plenty of time for direct tuition.

Scroll down to view our FAQ about the event.

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The Athletes

Louis Parkinson

Former Team GB athlete, Louis has been climbing for over 17 years, and coaching for more than 10.

Famous for his athletic climbing ability, Louis earned his internet moniker "Captain Cutloose" through his mastery of foot free climbing, and command of dynamic movement.

Join Louis for a fun, exciting, and extremely effective workshop on how to use your body in ways you've never been able to before!

Aidan Roberts

One of the strongest boulderers in the world, Aidan is known for dispatching V15s with ease, and climbing the UK's first ever V16 - Superpowers.


A humble and EXTREMELY talented individual, Aidan is a world class athlete, with a rigorously informed understanding of elite level training techniques.

Particularly skilled at passing on his observant and tactical climbing style, Aidan's workshops are inspiring, and ideal for helping you push your limits.

Hazel Findlay

Hazel is a titan of climbing, whose bold ascents have earned her a reputation as a master of mindset.


Join Hazel for an off-the-wall workshop to discover how the biggest thing holding you back might not be your finger or upper body strength, it might be your mental strength!


Guaranteed to open a whole new perspective on what it takes to perform at your best, Hazel's mindset workshops provide what is often the missing piece in your progress.



Where & when is the event taking place?

The first Rockfest event is taking place at the Harrowall National Performance Centre in Harrow, London, on the date selected above.


This can be found on a map here.


The event begins at 9am, so please arrive at 8:45 to ensure you're prepared for the first workshop.

Are COVID-19 restrictions in place?

London is currently in stage 3 of COVID-19 restrictions, meaning this event can go ahead with minimal measures in place.


We will be promoting use of face-masks indoors, and social distancing between non-bubbled groups. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout.


This will not impact the enjoyment, or efficacy, of the event, and it will ensure maximum safety for all attendees.

Are entry fees included to the gym?

Entry fees to the gym are not included, and will be payable on arrival.


This is to be fair to all those attending who already have pre-paid memberships, to avoid them effectively paying double entry to attend.

Can I stay and climb after Rockfest?

Absolutely! You can stay and climb for as long as you like, and put all that exciting new knowledge to good use right away.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Not very much! Please make sure that you:


1. Arrive on time to register for the centre, if you have never attended before.

2. Bring shoes, a chalk bag, and comfortable clothes.

3. Bring a reusable water bottle, and any food or snacks you feel you may need to get you through the morning.

Do I need to climb at a certain level to attend?

If you want to fully engage with the content, and experience maximum benefits, we suggest you should be climbing at level v2 or above.

Is there an age limit?

The age limit for Rockfest is 10 years old. We will endeavour to combine juniors into one group.

Can I book a private coaching session with any of the athletes after the event?

Quite possibly. We'll be announcing private coaching session availability closer to the time.

Can I buy one as a gift for a friend / family member?

Absolutely! Please simply purchase as usual, and e-mail us at enquiries@catalystclimbing.com informing us of the name of the person/s attending in your stead. We'll then attach that name to your booking, ensuring there are no hiccups on the day.

Will the athletes be doing Q&As?

You'll have 75 minutes of direct access to each athlete, and all of them will be actively engaging with you to answer questions, give demonstrations, and ensure that you're getting plenty of one-on-one support throughout the workshop. This means that no separate Q&A is necessary.