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Workshops with
Captain Cutloose
at Indirock - Saturday 8th July

Known worldwide for his energetic and dynamic climbing style, Louis Parkinson is a former member of the GB climbing team and has been coaching climbers of all ability levels for over a decade - from complete novices to members of the GB climbing team. During these workshops hosted by Indirock, Louis will share the tips, tricks and movement drills he has developed over his years of training, coaching and competing.


- 60 minute Dynamic Movement workshops for beginner and advanced climbers are focused on improving understanding and confidence in using momentum whilst climbing; a great way to amplify your existing strength so you can float and dance your way up all your future boulders!


- 120 minute Competition Skills workshops for Junior and Adult climbers are focused on improving mindset and tactics for competition climbing; whether you're a seasoned competitor or looking to tips for your first competition experience, there will be tonnes to learn and practice!


Please note that the cost of these workshop do not include entry to the climbing wall, which must be paid at the front desk on arrival.


Visit the Indirock website to register with the climbing wall and find out more details about the venue!

Use the links below to book your space on a workshop with Louis!