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The Catalyst Change

The Catalyst Change

What does it mean?

"Discovering climbing at the age of 13 has benefitted me in so many ways. I've built confidence and strength, made lifelong friends and had a reason to explore countless beautiful places. In short - climbing is really good for us, both mentally and physically!

Unfortunately, those who would benefit most from the mental and physical challenges of climbing are the ones least likely to experience them. This is due to a significant lack of representation of diverse ethnicities throughout all levels of the sport, combined with a number of barriers to access and many other historical issues. In short - the climbing scene has some work to improve inclusivity of our wonderful sport!" ~ Louis Parkinson

What are we doing?

Our programme, "The Catalyst Change" is an initiative where by we are reaching out to local marginalised communities and charity organisations to create opportunities for introduction to climbing sessions lead by one of our Catalyst Coaches at one of the LCC centres around London. We're also working with these communities and organisations to create regular guided climbing sessions that allow access to our group coaching for climbers who'd love to improve their climbing and enjoy the social aspect indoor climbing gives us.

This initiative allows for up to 10 participants to attend a 60-minute climbing session for free - including gym entry, shoe hire and the session being lead by a Catalyst Coach.

We are aware that when working with different groups, having a broad range of male and female coaches is necessary and we have already been diversifying our team as a whole but also to aid in making this program truly inclusive throughout.  

How do you get involved?

We are here to support bringing more people from Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic communities into the world of indoor climbing. Whilst we are proactively reaching out, getting in touch to arrange for an introductory climbing session as part of a social community or group outing or even a regular climbing session as part of your activity selection is something we'd love to discuss and bring to life.

How can we get better?

Whilst this is brand new, we're always striving to improve our efforts. Shiggi Pakter, our Diversity Outreach Officer (and Catalyst Climbing Coach) is happy to discuss ways to improve our program so don't hesitate to get in touch with her at the bottom of this page.

Meet our Diversity Outreach Officer - Shiggi

A familiar face within Catalyst Climbing, Shiggi is one of our Catalyst Coaches but also our Diversity Outreach Officer. She's certainly no stranger to experiencing the lack of diversity in the climbing world, often sensing her being the only black woman in a climbing centre for hours on end. Still, the immense benefits she's experienced in her 5 years of bouldering socially and on her own in the UK and Europe outweighs this glaring issue.  

With her own dreams to support climbing in her home country - Kenya, she's happily joined the team to do what she can here in London. Her main focus with the outreach programme is to offer our free 1-hour coaching sessions to charities, projects, community activities and borough-wide activity initiatives who's focus is around supporting and nurturing those from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community around or near any of the 7 LCC centres.

Whilst she is proactively reaching out, there is always opportunity to discuss how we can support your efforts - to do so, scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the contact form, or send an email to shiggi [at] catalystclimbing.com

What does Diversity, Equality and Inclusion mean for us within climbing?


Always striving to ensure we can support and increase representation from all demographics in society on the wall and within Catalyst Climbing.


Upholding our stance in ensuring absolutely everyone has a genuine and equal opportunity to experience the vast social, physical and mental health benefits climbing can afford us all.


The very foundation of this programme is to provide this taught session as an accessible stepping stone to those from marginalised and minoritised backgrounds into climbing.

Any questions at all, let's talk.

Have questions, requests or concerns? Please let us know below or emailshiggi[at]catalystclimbing.com

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