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Creatures Performance Team

The Catalyst Creatures Performance Team consists of 18 young athletes aged 10 - 18. The “Creatures” attend weekly in-person team training sessions at Harrowall, in addition to following personalised plans, and are coached by Louis Parkinson, Michaela Tracy, Imi Bagnall-Smith, Lea Volpe and Alex Prescott. They have been getting some PHENOMENAL results, and after a string of victories and podium positions at youth competitions across the country, several of the Creatures have been selected for Team GB, with their sights set on future Olympic Competitions 🤯

Watch our recent “Meet The Creatures” video on Youtube or down below.

Creature Performance Waiting list

The team of 18 athletes aged 10 - 18 are trained in weekly 4 hour sessions at Harrowall by Louis Parkinson, Michaela Tracy, Imi Bagnall-Smith, Alex Prescott and Lea Volpe, in addition to receiving personalised training plans to address their specific areas for improvement.

Future taster events are a relaxed and fun competition, with various aspects of performance being assessed by the coaches over the course of the 4-hour session. You don't need to gain a high score in this taster event in order to be chosen for the team, as the coaches will also be assessing movement skills, mindset, strength and training background when making their choices for the team.

If you have any questions at all about the taster event, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email at

Membership to the teams costs £120pcm. Those who join will receive a monthly personalised training plan, weekly team training sessions at Harrowall, and team kit.