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Coaches - Louis Parkinson

Hey, I'm Louis,

I've been bouldering for over 15 years now, and coaching for the last 7. 

I LOVE it. Competing, climbing outdoors, training indoors; I want to do all of it, all the time! I have been a member of the GB bouldering team and competed at the Bouldering World Cup, and so far my hardest outdoor ascent is Riverbed (V13) in Switzerland.

I find sharing my passion with other people deeply fulfilling. For me, climbing is a sport with two simple aims: try hard, have fun. So long as you're doing those two things, it doesn't matter what level you're at. 

If you're keen to pick up a few tips and tricks that I've gathered over that last 15 years+ spent monkeying about all over the world, scroll down (past the instagram feed where I constantly show off my outrageously long arms!)

Happy Climbing!
I'm very fortunate to be supported in my climbing by several amazing Sponsors! Click on their logo's below to find out more about them...

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