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Catalyst Foundation Courses - EustonWall

Over the past few years, bouldering has exploded with popularity and we're psyched to see so many new climbers joining the sport! At the beginning of your climbing journey it can seem like there's a lot to learn, so we wanted to make training as simple for you as possible. If you're a beginner looking to add some structure to your training, or you've been climbing for a little while and just want to refresh your knowledge of the fundamentals, then join one of coach Mahir's six-week foundation courses! Our foundation courses are designed to build your confidence, hone your fundamental skills and techniques, and help you build good training habits to keep you climbing for years to come!

Next course starts: Saturday 6th January

What will I learn about on a foundation course?


Each session dives into a unique, fundamental aspect of training:


Week One: Movement Efficiency

Week Two: Routereading

Week Three: Dynamic Movement

Week Four: Static Movement

Week Five: Functional Strength Training

Week Six: Projecting at our Limits


Who will lead my foundation course?

Foundation courses are run by Catalyst coach, Mahir Mahtani. Mahir is an experienced boulderer, sport climber and coach with a wealth of knowledge to share!


Where are courses held? 

Courses run on Saturday mornings, 9:30 - 11:30 at EustonWall. Find out more about the centre here!


How much does a course cost?

Each course costs £180 in total, not including entry to EustonWall or shoe hire


What happens if I can't make a session?

Don't worry - if you can't attend a session, contact and we will send over the session plan for you to try out in your own time!


How do I secure my place on a course?

Click the button above listing your desired course start date and reserve your spot through our booking system, Momence!



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