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Personalised Training Plans By Louis Parkinson

Louis Parkinson Training Plans

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Our Head Coach Louis Parkinson has spent the last 7 years developing his own coaching method for climbing, encouraging mindful practice of various techniques and skills to improve movement and concentration, as well as specific training exercises performed on the climbing wall to gain functional strength for climbing. This training method is now available in the form of personalised training plans, which can be delivered in person or through online consultations through Skype! These training plans are suitable for every level of climber, from V0 - V10!

Our training plans are suitable for all levels of climber; whether you're just getting started and want to bring a bit of focus to your climbing sessions, or you're an experienced competitor wanting to improve your performance, we've got you covered. Your Training Plan will be specifically designed by our coaches to suit your current level, desired goals and number and length of training sessions per week. Benefits of the Catalyst Training Plan.

“This plan is focused on climbing as a whole, rather than just the physical aspects. You will of course make improvements to the physical aspects of your climbing, but you’ll also refine your movements to make best use of your strength, gradually practice good decision making under pressure, and gain confidence in various skills to the point of performing them perfectly without having to devote any concentration to it. The best part of this plan for me personally? It’s FUN! I want to improve my climbing, but I struggle to motivate myself to mindlessly hang on fingerboards. I go climbing to have fun, and for me this plan strikes a perfect balance between enjoyment and hard work. If anything, I have learned to thoroughly enjoy working hard through the exercises in this plan. ​ There is no end-goal, just the perpetual drive to improve. Learn to love the process of hard work and improvement; the results will follow ;)” Louis Parkinson - Former GB team member and Catalyst Climbing Head Coach