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Drop-In Classes


We run an enormous variety of drop-in classes to suit EVERY need, across multiple centres in London (and soon to be beyond). Our drop-in classes fall into one of three categories - Socialise, Practice, and Perform. To find out more about each category, and the individual classes within, simply read on!


Climb, have fun, and make new friends!

Our SocialClimb Sessions run every day of the week at our various locations. Open to any ability, these sessions are a great way to meet new climbing-buddies, get to know our coaches, and (most importantly) relax and have FUN!

Our various Social climbing sessions are listed below.

OpenClimb Social

EVERYONE is welcome!

It's been another hard week of surviving in the modern world... come and enjoy climbing for what it was always meant to be; creative play with movement...

In this session we focus less on hard work and more on outright enjoyment. Just relax and let one of our coaches lead you through a series of fun climbing games

SheClimb Social

Join our female-led safe space climbing session where women of all ages and abilities can climb together. Our coach will lead you through a series of great climbing-based games and provide loads of tips and tricks to help you battle the patriarchy 😜

This session is open to anyone who identifies as female.

StudentClimb Social

Come down and join in with Student Social. Meet fellow, like-minded students and escape your harrowing deadlines by crushing together and making new connections. Remember, the best friends, are climbing friends.

PrideClimb Social

Come down to PrideClimb and you'll be welcomed with open arms and rainbow flags! Whether you're questioning or certain, you'll find a supportive group of climbers to play loads of fun climbing games here.

£15 Per Session (Entry Included)
£5 Per Session (Entry Not Included)
Free To Members


Focussed training, with a focus on fun!

Our Catalyst Sessions are hour long, mixed-ability group classes, and utilise the full range of the Catalyst Exercises, developed by former GB Bouldering Team Member Louis Parkinson as a method of training specific climbing skills.

Specific Practice Sessions cover different areas of climbing, and individual class descriptions can be found below.


Learn to make climbing easier, with our tailored technique focussed sessions. Whether it's drop knees, smears, or balance work, this session will maximise your strength by allowing you to rest better, and climb more efficiently!


You don't need endurance if everything feels easy! This is our classic hour long session that focusses on raw power, turning your whole body into a lean, mean, boulder crushing machine!


Have a specific project? This is the class for you. With expert guidance from our coaches, we'll take you through everything you need to hit your next milestone, and tick your project.

Tailored to your need, we'll focus on different types of problems, and the necessary techniques to rise to the challenge of solving them.


Fear of falling can turn even a VB into what feels like a V10. BoldClimb is our tailored class to help you climb under pressure, building resistance to fear, and allow your mind to focus on the problem at hand.


An hour of trying hard on the board! Get strong using the most classic training method ever; throwing yourself at hard, overhanging problems ;)

Due to the intense nature of board-climbing, we recommend that participants of this session have a minimum of one-year climbing experience.

£25 Per Session (Entry Included)
£15 Per Session (Entry Not Included)
Free To Members


Intense two-hour sessions based on our professional Catalyst Coaching Training Plans.

Using our Catalyst Training Plan to structure these sessions, our coaches will lead you through an AWESOME two hour training session, including:

  • Cardio
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Climbing warm up
  • Skills practice
  • Projecting / Competition practice
  • Training for strength and movement refinement
  • Antagonist / core training
  • Stretching cool-down

£35 Per Session (Entry Included)
£25 Per Session (Entry Not Included)
50% Off For Members

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